Sunday, November 28, 2021

Snack of the Month - Pepero cream and cookies sticks

November has flown past and I almost missed blogging a Snack of the Month! This month the snack is another Home Bargains discovery that claims to be Korea's number one brand!

I can't tell if the number one claim is for the Pepero sticks or for the manufacturer, Lotte. 

I thought I would give this a go as I like the 'Cookies & Creme' bars made by Hershey. (Cookies & Creme is about the only palatable "chocolate" made by Hershey, probably because they aren't actually chocolate!) Like other biscuit sticks from Asia, these come in a box with a foil bag inside. The sticks were thicker than I expected and the actual biscuit was quite plain, diluting the sweetness of the white chocolate. They definitely felt more like biscuits than sweets.

I forgot to count how many sticks were in the packet. There were about a dozen or so. Certainly a substantial snack for such a small box.

The back of the box is an abosulte blizzard of nutritional information, all saying the same thing but sliced different ways for the different markets this product is sold in.

I have a Christmas-themed snack lined up for December, which I am reasonably excited about. But I will have to wait a few days before snacking commences!

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