Tuesday, July 11, 2017

General Election 2017 - the final election comms count up

Nobody really expected the election last month to go the way it did, least of all Theresa May and all I really want to say about that is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a mess you made of it!

Anyway, I'm concluding my survey of the election leaflets for 2017. We had no Green or UKIP leaflets in the final count, although Ian the Plaid Cymru chap did tell me he had a leaflet from the Greens delivered not too far away from our house. Not sure why we missed out.

I'm kind of glad about the absence of UKIP. Their local campaigner in our street seems to have stopped. Maybe he finally saw through all their lies about the Utopian departure from the EU. Or maybe after his side "won" he doesn't feel the need to campaign any more.

On to the final count, we had four more missives from Labour after my second post about electoral bumf. Labour were really shoring up their vote. None of the leaflets mentioned Jeremy Corbyn, so the media narrative that Jez's messianic emergence among da yoof swung the election doesn't really hold true in Wales. If you relied on Labour communiques you wouldn't know who he was.

I've updated my graph to include both the Welsh Assembly elections last year and the latest General Election. This means I now have 10 years worth of election leaflets recorded, with more bound to come soon. We are having elections at least every year at the moment. Roll on 2018.

Huge Labour spike... in leaflets

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