Monday, February 29, 2016

Dinosaur Farm

I came home the other evening and Cathy had made me a dinosaur farm

People have commented the dinos might escape

After I tweeted a picture, it was pointed out that without a fence, those dinosaurs could escape. But that minor design flaw aside I thought it was pretty cool really. (And is it really a flaw? I'm all for free range animals, really.)

There is a reason behind this random-seeming creativity. In just over a month I am going to be 40 and we are planning a bit of a party. We know lots of people with kids and we are prepping a few things to keep them occupied. The Dino Farm is one such thing.

But in the meantime, it needs to be "tested", so if anyone wants me I will be busy with party prep.

1 comment:

  1. A party with dinosaurs? Cool but dangerous.
    (Although our son Will recently went to sleep with dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and he survived ok.)