Friday, April 03, 2015

My 39th birthday - Ward Thomas in concert in Cardiff

In January I got some health news that I wasn't expecting and the medical staff were a bit concerned about how bad it could be because I was "on the cusp of being young." Yeah, baby! Still on the cusp! It was the best bit of news I got during the whole encounter.

But anyway, I'm definitely on the cusp now as I turned 39 yesterday. I had a great day overall (more details on that soon) and to top it off I went to see Ward Thomas play The Globe in Cardiff.

This was a great combination of my favourite music venue in Cardiff and one of my favourite bands at the moment. I first heard Ward Thomas' single 'Push for the Stride' on Radio 2 last year (forget what I said about being on the cusp of being young; yes, I quite like Radio 2), came home and listened to it several times on YouTube. I bought the album when it came out. And I was very excited last December to find they were playing in Cardiff on my birthday. We booked the tickets straight away.

I also persuaded a motley crew of friends to come with me, but they aren't in this photo of me with Ward Thomas that I got after the show!

They were really lovely to talk to. It's always nice when people you admire turn out to be nice people. It was the last show in the tour, they'd just played a great set, they had talked to a huge queue of people, but they couldn't have been more genuine or friendly.

Thank you Ward Thomas, you made the last birthday of my thirties really memorable.

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