Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, now I remember why they took Shooting Stars off the air

It isn't funny.

Over the years several people who inexplicably love Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer have tried to convince me of their comic genius. But here's the thing. I have a very simple test of what's comedy. Is it funny?

It's not that I don't 'get' Vic 'n' Bob. It's just there's a difference between being surreal and being funny, between being odd and being funny, between being outlandish and being funny, between doing something unexpected and doing something funny.

Watching the relaunched Shooting Stars tonight reminded me of that gaping hole in the "Reeves and Mortimer = Comic Geniuses" view point. They just aren't funny.

I realise I may call down the wrath of the commenters for saying it, but these 'comics' aren't comic. The emperors are naked.


  1. It's far more amusing that any cheesy american sitcom that paramount air.

  2. Apples and oranges. Shooting Stars isn't a sitcom.

  3. I think the hint is in the end of the name there. "com" - as in comedy I believe. They might as well insert a "h" mind.

  4. Whatevs.

    Still doesn't make Shooting Stars funny.