Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bucketloads to do

This weekend there's bucketloads to do - The Big Cheese in Caerphilly, some event down the Bay with fireworks, and probably heaps more. But the thing is all these free festivals are all very well, but if you go you end up being tempted to spend money and well, money is tight for me at present.

Partly that's because our household has grown to three as we do the good neighbour thing and provide a needy friend with a roof over her head. Partly it's because Cathy is too ill to work. Partly it's because we've spent a bit of money on big things (like our lovely new mattress) and also got hit by a load of bills when we came back from holiday.

But mainly it's because we haven't really been keeping track of what we're spending and it's easy to get into the habit of a few quid here, a few quid there. So, I'm not going out today because the more money I can save, the quicker I'll be able to save up for the laptop I think I need. Plus I can get on with the freelance writing I'm meant to be doing which will bring in some much needed extra cash. (Although, inspiration is lacking at the moment, obviously or I wouldn't be blogging.)

I hate worrying about money, although this week everyone at work got a cost of living pay rise. I'm going to get an extra £6 a month after tax. Woo hoo. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Spend. It. All. At. Once.

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  1. what you should do is take that £6 a month and put it in a different account. then when you retire you could have at least £100!!!!!!
    didn't think about that eh!?!?
    by that time it could be the equivalent to a quarter of a tank of petrol! bonus!