Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jetlag Bloglag

Regular visitors to this blog will realise I've been backdating posts since I came back, but that's all stopped now. I have loads more to write about Utah and several photos I'd like to stick up, but I'll do that as time goes on.

We flew back on the Saturday, landed on the Sunday and I was back in work on Monday. I didn't feel the jetlag too bad this time, possibly because I was thrown straight back into a normalish routine.

I spent most of last week prepping desperately for the imminent youth weekend away in Pembroke. The sun came out on Saturday when we were all on the beach and I managed to get burnt on the back of my legs (ow!). It seems a bit stupid that after two weeks in nonstop sunshine, including several days out in the desert, I managed to get sunburned on a beach in Wales. Cathy says it's because she wasn't there to look after me, so it's all her fault really...

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