Friday, September 07, 2007

Spelling it out

I’ve had a conversation today about films where someone recommended a comedy and said “It’s better than Knocked Up.” As I thought Knocked Up was a dismal and depressing film that was irredeemably crap, that wasn’t much of a recommendation.

Said person then said she didn’t know I didn’t like Knocked Up because she thought my review of the film had been positive. (How?) So in case anyone else is confused – here’s the skinny. Knocked Up is an overlong, unfunny one-dimensional joke dragged out over two hours of your life you’ll never get back. It has a miserable view of human relationships, which will leave you feeling that your life is pointless. Every time I see a review on TV which has a critic lauding praise on it confirms my view that film critics are the worst kind of parasitic waste-of-good-ink journalists with a lower IQ than an average glass of water. Or they’re malicious bastards who want you to see god-awful films to put you off ever going to the cinema again.

Don’t go and see it. If someone you know suggests going to see it, stand them up at the cinema. That’ll teach them.

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