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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's with the Welsh?

A common complaint about Big Brother is the Welsh get a very bad image from it. Think about it, Welsh contestants are usually thick and unattractive. In this series the Welsh girl got booted off very early on, but now they're trying to introduce a new one.

Where do they find these people? OK, I admit, you could probably chuck a rock into Flares on a Saturday night and hit a blonde valley-slapper just like the latest BB addition. But would they have a blatently made up name like Shanessa? In the book Freakonomics, there's an interesting argument that the more 'creative' your name, the more of an extreme you'd be. If your name was unique because it was drawn from, say, ancient mythology, you'd probably be more intelligent. If your name is unique because your parents can't spell or want something which "sounds classy", you're going to be a bit of a retard.

Shanessa falls into the latter category. She entered the house wearing a 'dress' which looked like one of Elektra's cast offs (comic fans will know what I mean). She then told every one she was a stripper and used to work in 'massage parlours'. In some sense kudos to her, because it must take sheer force of will to manouevre such an ungainly-looking body around a pole. Let me put it this way: svelte is not a word you'd use to describe her. Her demo striptease for two of the housemates was embarassing in its inflexibility. I find it hard to believe she makes a living out of stripping, unless people pay her to go away.

And then, horror of horrors, we had a lengthy sequence where she was trying to put on a very small bikini. If you've ever imagined what a hippo would look like wearing a string bathing suit, you get the idea. I closed my eyes for most of it, but even so the scars from the mental image are torturing me...

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At 31/7/07 16:40, Blogger Jenny said...

Jon, you just made me laugh out loud (incredibly loudly I might add!) Am thinking of changing my nme to Shanessa or Shennifer?! lol

At 2/8/07 10:10, Anonymous E. Mortymer said...

No sympathy here I'm afraid. Serves you right for watching Big Brother


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