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Monday, February 13, 2012

Gower traffic jam confirms stereotype of Wales

I was on a youth weekend on the Gower this weekend. We had a great time, although I ache pretty much everywhere.

We also got a bit held up on the way home.

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At 15/2/12 22:16, Blogger Peter Jones said...

Hi Jon
If you need a resource to free up thought and problem solving you and your community may appreciate Hodges' model? :-
The website for this framework includes four resource pages - the INTERPERSONAL also covers theology:
There's an associated blog too:
Hope this proves relevant.
I love Wales too!

At 15/2/12 23:04, Blogger Coner said...

The starring sheep from Woolhope Cockshoot has followed you to the Gower and brought all his friends for some revenge. I can't remember doing anything to them though.


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