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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disconcerting texts

Got this text from a friend yesterday:

"We've received a notice in work from the [workplace name] christian fellowship offering dream interpretation to quote 'please send it (dream) with as much description as possible. Email it & I will ask God for the interpretation'. That's a little odd, surely!"

To which a sensible person's answer would be. "Yes. Yes, that is a little odd."

(My answer was "Awesome! Make something up and send it to them!")

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At 28/9/10 17:09, Blogger starinajar said...

I was standing outside the spar and was ambushed by several Care Bears. What does this mean?

At 28/9/10 22:46, Blogger Jongudmund said...

I have video proof that you have been a care bear in the past.


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