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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Good week so far

Alright the weather has been crapola, but there have been some good things so far this week.

1) Monday morning I flicked on the TV to discover we have ESPN America, one of the channels that Virgin is putting in our package now that Setanta has died, and that means WALL TO WALL BASEBALL (woo!). Pretty much any time of day there's baseball on. Which means I always have tube candy in the odd five minutes between stuff or at breakfast.

2) Then later on Monday I discovered the Tragically Hip are doing a small European tour in the autumn. Woo again! I'm seriously thinking about taking a week to follow them round the country. Anyone want to join me?

3) This morning I did an interview for UCB radio in my freelance theologian guise. They'd called me up last week to ask whether I'd be willing to talk about materialism/ possessions/ wealth etc. It seemed to go well (the presenter seemed really chuffed) and I've told the guy to feel free to come back to me if/ when they have other awkward questions and no obvious interviewees, and he said he would keep me in mind.

So all in all, not a bad week so far. I just hope this post hasn't jinxed it.

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At 5/8/09 08:43, Blogger starinajar said...

well done you.

At 6/8/09 07:19, Blogger Vix said...

Yes! Well done Mr. M :) Sounds like a very good week so far. Long may it continue x


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