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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seduced by Facebook

It seems most of my friends have been similarly sucked into the vortex that is Facebook. Unfortunately my blog output has taken a hit as a result because my sneaky online activities in worktime are now more Facebook than blogging. My own personal failing is the Scrabulous application. So far I'm unbeaten.

Got time to play Scrabble online? Send me a challenge. Who knows you might be the first person to beat me!

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At 4/8/07 03:56, Anonymous ginger star said...

agggghh run away from face book! it will sap every spare moment. So far I am quite proud of my Facebooking restraints. partly because i have no urge to 'prod' or 'hug' people i haven't seen for ages. I mean seriously, walking down the street, would you go up to someone you knew from school and prod them in the ribs? It's not right i tell you. so why is it acceptable online?


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