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Friday, November 24, 2006


Sometimes people use weird phrases that don’t really make sense but sound super spiritual. Like for example, this grateful email I received this morning:
Good morning Jon
Thank you so much for this article which is great. We appreciate the support in making the magazine as real as possible to a wide audience and for His glory
with kind regards
in His grip

*name may have been changed to protect identity, or it may not, who’s to say?

I feel like writing back and saying:
Good morning Rosie
Glad you liked it.
Best wishes
in his clenching grasp

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At 25/11/06 16:30, Blogger Orient Bird said...

Oh well, at least you weren't on the receiving end of a super patronising email from your associate pastor, in response to emailing him that he was wrong for cancelling the CHRISTMAS DAY worship service....!!

Ps Tell Cath, her present is on the way....

At 25/11/06 23:05, Anonymous Lorenzo said...


'In His sweaty palm',


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